6 Reasons to Rent a Bathroom Trailer for Your Outdoor Event

Are you planning an event and weighing your options on portable restrooms? If so, you will have to choose between standard portable toilets and restroom trailers. Considering that standard portable trailers are cheaper, why would you pick restroom trailers instead? Well, to be quite honest, your guests are going to be grateful for the luxury that comes with these trailers. It's not easy to match the luxury and versatility that restroom trailers can offer.
The following are six good reasons to rent a bathroom trailer for your event. Click here to get started.

Better look

A luxury restroom trailer at this website definitely looks better than a standard portable toilet, making it the better option in aesthetic terms. When planning fancy events such as a wedding, you probably want to impress your guests and make them feel like they're at a decent hotel. A luxury restroom trailer comes with some stylish d?cor, including large mirrors, accent rugs, wooden cabinetry and even some artwork for a complete look.

Handwashing sinks

Much of the basic functionality of your home bathroom is missing in a porta potty. The standard porta potty comes equipped with a hand sanitizer. In a bid to keep things sanitary at the event, some suppliers with go the extra mile and install handwashing stations. None of these measures, however, can compare to actually having a sink with running cold and hot water, like it is with your home restroom. Many people prefer restroom trailers to portable toilets simply because they feel uncomfortable if they haven't washed their hands after a trip to the bathroom.

Flushable toilets

This is yet another similarity with home restrooms. Guests can flush the toilet with fresh water at every instance, thanks to the conventional plumbing system in place. While you might consider this a simple luxury, it's certainly going to impress your guests.

Odor reduction

Thanks to progress made in the mechanical and chemical engineering fields, restroom trailers are superbly built for reduction and elimination of odors. The modern plumbing system, complete with an efficient exhaust system, expels odors to the waste tank and keeps them there till the end of the event.

Family friendliness

Bathroom trailers can allow in more than one person at a time as they're more spacious than the standard portable toilet. It's for this reason they're considered family friendly, as parents can accompany their kids.


Because they're spacious, restroom trailers are also versatile enough to allow guests to change clothes at an event. Wedding planners are pleased with the fact that attendees can get dressed for the wedding in there or have a change of clothes during the event. Participants at marathons also use these facilities to change clothes or clean up before and after the race.